Soul Jah love’s family reveals Sauro had kombies and many properties

The family of the late dancehall musician Soul Jah Love has dispelled rumours that the musician was in financial dire straits when he died. The family revealed that the musician, real name Soul Musaka, left behind a healthy estate that includes multiple housing stands, two commuter omnibuses (kombis) as well as a BMW X3 vehicle.

The dancehall sensation who was diabetic died last week at a local hospital, where his blood sugar levels were found to be dangerously elevated. He was buried at the Warren Hills cemetery after he was declared a Liberation Hero by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. He was 31.

Harare lawyer Conwell Muteve who is representing the Musaka family revealed that the family has already set up a committee to handle Chibaba‘s estate until the Master of the High Court’s offices reopens for business. The offices are currently closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown regulations. ” We are already waiting for business to resume at master of high court so that an executor to the estate is appointed,” he said.
He however declined to state the properties that Soul Jah Love had left. ” That is not my business to tell you what he left,” he said.However, sources close to the family revealed to the online publication The Anchor, that Soul Jah Love left behind an estate that includes a BMV X3 vehicle, two commuter omnibuses and several housing stands.

Soul Jah Love Left Multiple Stands, Kombis & BMW SUV…Estate Revealed

‌The family source declined to state the location and the exact number of housing stands. However, they did reveal that he bought some of the stands and received some of the stands through housing cooperatives, some of which may have been run by suspected land barons.


The family source also addressed rumours circulating on social media that Soul Jah Love’s house was under construction at the time of his death. The rumours have been accompanied by an image of a house under construction. ” l have seen people posting an unfinished house saying it belongs to him but that is a lie Soul Jah Love has stands some legit and some he got from barons,”Unfortunately, the musician’s inheritance looks set to be a fraught affair. This comes after reports that his relatives exchanged blows as they fought over his clothes and other belongings last week,
His family has also barred music producers and other musicians from releasing his music, as they want his works to benefit his two surviving siblings.