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Soul Jah Luv Hooligans Smash YaFM’s Property

by reporter263
YaFM's Property

YaFM’s Property

VIOLENCE reared its ugly head at Soul Musaka also known as Soul Jah Luv’s show in Zvishavane yesterday resulting in the destruction of YaFM’s property worth thousands of dollars.

The incident happened after the host YaFM’s public announcement (PA) system produced poor sound, prompting Soul Jah Luv to leave the stage unceremoniously. This saw music fans violently protesting and damaging valuable property as they expressed discontent over the “Pamamonya ipapo’ hitmaker’s disappearance from the stage.

YaFM chairman Mr Munyaradzi Hwengwere said; “As YaFM, we regret the incident that took place early this morning (yesterday) where some patrons at the Soul Jah Luv show vented their anger on our studios resulting in the destruction of property worth thousands of dollars. “We hope the law will take its course.  ‘‘However, we accept responsibility because we could have done better in providing first class equipment. And to this effect we are beginning an internal disciplinary process to deal with those responsible.”

He expressed the need for protecting Zvishavane and YaFM — the first commercial radio station in the mining town. “We need to value peace and tolerance no matter the provocation. Violence does not help. We are organising a peace concert which will be free of charge where top artists will perform,” said Mr Hwengwere.

YaFM went on air in September 2015 and is one of the eight commercials stations that were awarded licenses by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe in March 2015.-Sundaymail


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