Spiritual Chiwenga Can Oversee Construction of Mbuya Nehanda Statue, Not Me : President Mnangagwa

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa who sees himself as a Christian of Zambian origin and therefore does not believe in the “nonsense” about Mbuya Nehanda’s purported spiritual importance has tasked his junior VP Chiwenga to oversee the construction of the memorial statue.

Mnangagwa has repeatedly said to close family members he does not believe in the whole thing… the “mumbo-jumbo about Mbuya Nehanda, although, like Mugabe, he does not discourage those who believe in it. Mnangagwa, under pressure from colleagues in his cabinet who believe Zimbabwe’s socio-economic problems could be solved by appeasing the spirits of the long-departed mediums said as a Zambian and Christian, it was necessary for him to allow those with understanding and belief in these traditions to do the job.

After several attempts by the Zimbabwe government to repatriate Mbuya Nehanda’s skull from a London museum, Mnangagwa has decided to construct a local one. In 2015, President Mugabe said it was baffling that Britain enjoyed keeping the heads as a sign of conquest in this modern era. However, God-fearing Mnangagwa said the fact that they left them there and they have remained there for more than 40 years tells you what the leaders thought and still think of them… they are useless!”

“Work has already started and is being implemented by an inter-agency team which is supervised by Honourable Vice President Chiwenga,” Senator Mutsvangwa said.

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