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I stand with the prophets says journalist Brilliant Pongo

by Lex Vambe

By Gift Mawire

For nearly 10 years, the rise of the charismatic prophetic churches and prosperity preachers in Zimbabwe in particular and the world in general has both enraged and intrigued many.

The rage has come from the old traditional churches who argue that modern-day prosperity preachers are focusing on miracles making claims that they are teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ when they teach the anti-poverty message. This the traditional churches say is not biblical.

However, the new churches and the modern-day prophetic movement have found a new champion, arise, Brilliant Pongo, author of new blockbuster and fast selling book which is causing a lot of waves in the Christian circle and beyond.


He has titled the book “Protect the Harvest; Defend the Harvester.”


Ironically Brilliant Pongo who himself was an acerbic critic of the modern day prophetic movement and particularly the prosperity message and those championing it, nonetheless today he is a defender of the same.

Speaking to thezimbabwenewslive.com Brilliant Pongo, said, “I stand by the prophets and the prosperity gospel movement, indeed I was blind, but, now I see. Mine was a road to Damascus, moment I had an extraordinary spiritual encounter which forms the basis of my message in the new book (Protect the Harvest; Defend the Harvester) that’s is why I say it’s a must read.
The book has 10 amazing chapters, the first part outlines and details my testimony and my actual encounter I repeat the book is a must read especially for the skeptical, I challenge you read it and let’s talk after.”

Some Christians have argued that the new Christian churches particularly those of the proponents of the prosperity message are selling the word of God for a profit. On the other hand Brilliant Pongo vies that the Modern day churches lead by the charismatic prophets contain new revelation superseding and correcting the miss-teachings , as perpetrated and perpetuated by the traditional Christians churches that taught Christians to embrace and accept a life of poverty as a sign of humility. “That was a wrong teaching poverty is not a Christian trait I stand fully in support of the message that the modern day prophets teach, poverty is of the devil it is a curse not a blessing Christians must reject it as it were the bubonic plague.”14501992_10154796008917345_1262055868_n

Asked about why there was so much media interest and controversy surrounding these new churches and modern day prophets? Pongo, said “The intrigue has come from the fact that Modern day prophetic churches are so similar and yet so different. The Modern-day prophetic churches are remarkably Christ-focused, and present a Jesus Christ and God resembling wealth and abundance. Yet the old church teaches that poverty equals piety.”

He continued, “God has preserved me for a purpose. I was on a war path kicking against the pricks indeed in my fights with the servants of God, I could have been destroyed. But God had other plans for me. He preserved me for a purpose and I am grateful for such grace.
If you have not already ordered my new book ‘PROTECT THE HARVEST; DEFEND THE HARVESTER’
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Reviewers have said ‘PROTECT THE HARVEST; DEFEND THE HARVESTER’ is a timely and impressive contribution not only from a scholarly point of view but also for its relevance today, particularly to a Zimbabwean audience given the rise of the modern-day-prophets in this nation and the world in general.

An interesting encounter and prized reading in which Brilliant Pongo outlines how the media in today’s world is conspiring to discredit the church and soil the characters of the servants of God. He talks of how the church is under attack from the enemy within and without; he likens the gossipers inside church to weevils. A mesmerising read.

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