Star FM’s DJ Skywalker struggling to raise his family

Star FM’s DJ Skywalker struggling to raise his family

HARARE – The superdad status of Star FM’s “Skywalker” recent exposition has shocked the nation for a man who was so well-loved on radio.

With eight wives and almost all of them having sired children for him, Skywalker is always cheerful while working as a radio DJ, the platform he is now being accused of abusing and getting hitched with so many women.

Born Ndumiso Dube, the popular DJ has hogged the limelight for the wrong reasons after some of his “wives” decided to wash their dirty linen in public.

This has instigated serious public scrutiny and criticism of Skywalkers’ private life. If stories  being told by some of his “wives” are anything to go by, then Dube qualifies for the macho-man tag.

Indeed, he qualifies to be a “Skywalker” — through building a solid ground for a Dube dynasty.

From Chipinge to Harare, the 29-year-old has used his charm to lure impressionable girls, and even those in the Diaspora also giving all of them his seed and siring children, whom he is now struggling to raise.

At 29, he has surpassed most older men in acquiring women and children. And he seems to show no sign of retreating.

His two wives Getrude Maseko and Tendai Manyame, who exposed this superdad status, bared their souls to the Daily News on Sunday, describing Skywalker as a “serial bed-hopper” and a deadbeat father.

They explained how the Skywalker “magic” had also won the heart of a United Kingdom-based woman Mandida Mpofu — his eighth wife.

The story would be incomplete without mentioning Skywalker’s Chipinge-based wife Shylow Chabata, acquired just before the UK woman, who has her own children.

It has been brought to the attention of the Daily News on Sunday that Skywalker has also sired a child with a South Africa-based woman and another one in Harare’s Epworth suburb, while another is believed to be in Bulawayo.

Maseko told the Daily News on Sunday that she stayed with Dube for five months, after the “charming” DJ lured her through Star FM’s WhatsApp platform.

She claimed they stayed together in Waterfalls, after he told her that he was living with his brother.

He told Maseko that he could not take her to his house since there was another pregnant girl there pursuing him.

Maseko said she only came to know about Manyame after she fell pregnant for Dube. She said the affair was characterised by many physical fights emanating from Dube’s insatiable desire for women.

“This is also because he does not know how to control his manhood and does not know what a condom looks like and how to use it,” Maseko said.

Dube last week told our sister paper the Daily News, that Maseko was the one influencing Manyame, because she was desperate to have him back.

But Maseko hit back, while Manyame on the other hand said she did not harbour any ulterior motives.

“How can I be desperate to have him back when he has always been coming to my house,” Maseko said.

“Can you go to a desperate person you do not want anymore, sleep with her, go out with her, go to your workplace with her, introduce her to your other relatives and tell them how much you love her?” Maseko asked.

She said Manyame claimed their “husband” is not educated and has Star FM to thank for his fortunes.

“He doesn’t even have a Grade 7 certificate,” she claimed.

“Star FM made him what he is today and he is abusing the privilege and using his status to get away with adultery and infidelity through the WhatsApp platform where he chaffs women,” Maseko said.

His wives said the radio DJ had nothing to his name, besides the six children he sired with different women and a pregnant Mpofu.

“He drives hired cars or sometimes borrows from friends or girlfriends,” Maseko said, adding that the DJ owed several people money.

Manyame said when she fell in love with the Skywalker, he told him that he had two children, but she later discovered that he had another child.

She said that he never bought clothes for her during the time that they were staying together.

“I went back to my parents,” she said.

“I ran away from him because there was no reason to stay with him since I was being looked after by my parents,” she said, adding that at some point she was assaulted by Skywalker’s girlfriends.

While two of Skywalker’s wives attacked him left, right and centre for his carefree-life, Chabata said despite Dube’s love for several women, he was a caring husband. She said problems only arose after he secured a job with the broadcasting station. “Marika inenge yawanda,” she said, suggesting that fame is taking its toll on the otherwise humble DJ.

The Chipinge-based woman, however, said Dube always provides for his child whenever he can.

The 25-year-old woman said that each time he calls Dube pertaining to the welfare of the child, he sends money, if he has it.

But the two women told the Daily News on Sunday that the UK-based Mpofu was threatening to take the “sweet-talker” to the Diaspora. The women claimed Skywalker  had bought Mpofu an engagement ring to cement their relationship. Mpofu, in one of the WhatsApp chat with Maseko, showed her “undying love” for the DJ, expressing that she was not moved by Dube’s perceived escapades with other women.

She vowed that she was going to change him from being a “player” to a better man.Skywalker:


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