Stay away from opposition parties: Mujuru warned
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Stay away from opposition parties: Mujuru warned

Beleaguered Vice President Joice Mujuru should now concentrate on farming rather than joining other political forces, Buhera South MP and war veteran Joseph Chinotimba has said.

His comments come after Mujuru failed to attend the Zanu (PF) congress held last week in Harare, where President Robert Mugabe repeated sensational claims that Mujuru was working in cahoots with her allies to assassinate him.

Chinotimba urged Mujuru to take a back seat in politics. “We know that Cde Mujuru is a serious farmer and she should concentrate on farming. She should not make the mistake of joining forces with oppositional forces as this will be her political downfall,” he said.

“But if she decides to be big-headed, she will fall in the same pit with some leaders we know who are wallowing in the political wilderness.

Allegations being levelled against Mujuru and her colleagues are very embarrassing and they should not waste their time trying to lie to the world that they are being set-up by their political enemies. If they are innocent they should prove themselves,” said Chinotimba.

But Mujuru and others have been given no opportunity to defend themselves. State media accords them no right of reply and Mujuru had to resort to taking out an advertisement to state her denial of the allegations of treason, corruption, incompetence, and mis-use of public office being routinely made against her.

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