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Suspended Netone Boss Kangai Infuriated Grace Mugabe

by reporter263

By TZN Correspondent

Reward Kangai’s three month suspension as the chief executive officer of Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile operator, NetOne was ordered by  First Lady Grace Mugabe  after he refused to make a donation towards her project in Chivhu, theZimbabwenewslive.com can reveal.

The claim that the suspension was meant to prepare for a forensic audit to investigate corruption allegations, are a direct consequence of refusing to take ‘a lawful order’ last year in April.

Mr Farai Jemwa, the head of human resources at  PSMAS, a  CIO operative and former HR and Training manager at Rainbow Towers was instructed by Grace Mugabe to ask for a donation.

It was then that Kangai told Jemwa that he can not do so since he did not have a Netone mobile network line.

Jemwa then back to Grace, his aunt and told her that Kangai has said she did not have a Netone line and therefore he can not help.


Kangai was warned several times that he would pay heavily for his refusal .Later on, Mrs Sibusisiwe Ndlovu who was on probation unearthed several irregularities before presenting them to the board in December last year.

She said most of the bank reconciliations dated back to 2010 “presented a significant risk of fraud”.

“Foreign creditors payments are adversely affected by lack of supplier invoices and reconciliations. Previous payments were made based on the supplier statements. Outstanding payments date back to 2013 for some suppliers, for example, Gemalto.

“Critical foreign suppliers that have reconciliation challenges include Nokia Siemens, Gemalto, Convergys, Technotree and Huawei. All suppliers are reflecting higher balances owing than NetOne records.





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