Sydney Gata fires demotes corrupt ZESA top brass

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  • Top brass fired, demoted after disciplinary hearing
  • Re-deployments to be completed on July 31
  • Outcry over unfair proportion of women engineers in management

ZIMBABWE Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) executive chairman Sydney Gata has cracked a whip on ‘errant’ senior employees this week, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

Gata fired and demoted those implicated in corrupt activities unearthed in a forensic audit report conducted by reputable firm Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) and released in 2019.

The audit exposed several irregularities that cost the power utility millions of dollars and top management were chiefly responsible for the loss.

Out of line procurement procedures and services provided by bogus and unregistered companies prejudiced the company of millions of dollars.

The purging was part of the disciplinary hearing results released this week, claimed the scalp of top managers including managing director Joshua Chirikuutsi, finance director Hubert Chiwara, ZEDTC director Julian Chinembiri, head of finance Thoko Dhliwayo among other senior managers.

Prisca Utete replaces Gwasira.

According to the disciplinary hearing results in possession of Zim Morning Post, public relations manager Fullard Gwasira, head of corporate services Rufaro Pasipanodya and Obson Matunja were suspended for gross insubordination.

ZETDC senior manager Wilfred Shereni was demoted.

Other senior managers were redeployed, including those at regional level.

“The re-deployments will be completed by July 31 at all levels.

“Gata is cleansing the company but there has been an outcry on why there is no good proportion of women at the top.

“There are a lot of qualified women engineers, but none are at the top.

“They know that women shun corruption so they block them out,” revealed our source.

Gata has reportedly invited engineers from the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa to replace the fired lot.

Gata, who is related to former president Robert Mugabe, has had flirtation with Zesa at different stages in his career.

He joined as the first black general manager soon after Independence.

He was dismissed from that position in 1995 after a commission of inquiry headed by retired High Court judge Justice George Smith made a finding that he was unfit to hold the position because of incompetence.

Gata bounced back as executive chairperson in 2000 and oversaw the unbundling of the power utility into several companies.

In 2006, Mike Nyambuya, then Energy minister, fired him again , and Fortune Chasi rehired him in an appointment that triggered public outcry.

Gata could not be reached for comment at the time of writing.

Hereunder is a list of some of the affected employees.

J Chirikuutsi (OPS Director ZPC) – dismissed 20/03/2020

Eng. Chikuvi (Technical Director ZPC) – demoted by one grade

H Chiwara (Finance Director ZPC) – dismissed 30/03/2020

W. Mareya (Gen. Manager ZPC projects)  Given three months’ notice for dismissal

J Chinembiri (MD ZETDC) – dismissed 30/03/2020

T Dhliwayo (Finance Director) ZETDC – Dismissed 30/03/2020

R Katsande (Commercial Manager ZETDC and Acting MD ZETDC) – demoted to GM. Choda (Transmission Director) – Acquitted and back at work

Wilfred Shereni (Revenue Assurance) – demoted

Mutasa (MD Zent) – dismissed 20/04/2020

Tichivangana (Zent) – dismissed 18/04/2020

Dafana (Technical director Zent) – dismissed 20/04/2020

Mharadze ZPC – acquitted

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