Home Politics “Tagwirei Provided Fuel For MDC 2018 Elections Campaign, Hwende knows”

“Tagwirei Provided Fuel For MDC 2018 Elections Campaign, Hwende knows”

by reporter263

Sakunda Holdings boss, Kuda Tagwirei reportedly sponsored the opposition MDC’s 2018 elections campaign with fuel and money.

These allegations were made by popular socialite, Matigary who posted on Twitter saying that MDC officials would make noise about Tagwirei’s corruption when he is associated with the ruling ZANU PF. He said:

…have you ever heard top MDC officials making noise about Tagwirei. If you know who provided fuel for 2018 MDC campaign you will faint 🤣🤣 Ask Mhofu @hwendec🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️@EdmundKudzayi told you folks that you like to oppose but can’t do the work @DivaMandeya.

These remarks merely days after a ZANU PF official has disclosed that Tagwirei was the one who bought all ZANU PF vehicles adding that he was also providing salaries and paying all salaries for the ruling party’s workers.

A fortnight ago, the ousted ZANU PF Youth League leadership named Tagwirei among the cartels bleeding the economy.

Analysts have said that despite the naming and shaming exercise, nothing was going to happen to Tagwirei and fellow cartels as they have links with political elites.


Only recently, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga highlighted in his court papers that Tagwirei was the one who had bought him the luxurious cars which his estranged wife, Marry Mubaiwa-Chiwenga was demanding in their divorce case.

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