Takwana Tyaranini:The Young Visionary from Rimuka Inspires at UFIC Youth 2024 Event
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Takwana Tyaranini:The Young Visionary from Rimuka Inspires at UFIC Youth 2024 Event

The young man from Rimuka is making waves once again. After excelling in fintech, he is now making bold moves into the banking sector. Known for his wisdom and approachable nature, he’s become a go-to for advice. Speaking at the UFIC Youth 2024 event, he captivated nearly 7,000 young attendees with a deeply personal speech that traced his journey from a dreamer to a successful entrepreneur. His powerful message resonated with many young aspiring entrepreneurs, including those on the brink of giving up.

“Get started; the journey begins when you take the first step,” he emphasized. He aimed to teach young people the lessons he has learned over time so that their journeys might be shorter than his. “If you are ever lucky to catch a break in life, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down. Resources come from being resourceful. If people don’t laugh at your dreams, they aren’t big enough.”

He shared insights into launching the UK’s first digital banking platform, right in the heart of London. “The key was to start; now with 400 shareholders, we simply began. Start even if you’re afraid, start with tears, just start. Growth happens when you pursue your dream. Fall down eight times and get up nine. Be courageous, be persistent, be consistent. It’s not the darkness that scares us, but our own light.”

His words left a lasting impact, encouraging young people to take action and pursue their dreams with determination and resilience. Be Inspired!

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