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Tanya Rushesha Missed On Mugabe’s Estate

by reporter263

The late Robert Mugabe’s secret love child with Oppah Muchinguri missed out on the list of beneficiaries when his estate was disclosed this week.

Online speculation has been made as to her paternity, with unverified sections of the media stating that she was a love child between Oppah Muchinguri and President Robert Mugabe.

Fueling the rumours were allegations made that say Tapiwa Rushesha stated at the time of his divorce from Oppah, his reasons for wanting a divorce were because of his wife having an extramarital affair with the president.
A claimed former bodyguard of the president, Mushori claims that Tanya has only managed to be so successful at a young age because of her relations to the head of state.

Tanya Rushesha


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