Teen mum demands virginity back from man who impregnated her

A 14-YEAR-OLD girl from Plumtree has demanded her virginity back from a 35-year-old man who impregnated her last year and disputed paternity of the child.

The girl’s mother, Otilia Ncube, dragged David Rwatiringa, who allegedly impregnated the girl, to court over maintenance of the teen’s five-month-old son who is staying in her custody.

The girl, who cannot be named for ethical reasons, told Plumtree magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa last week that she wants Rwatiringa to restore her virginity as he was the first man that she had slept with.

Rwatiringa allegedly impregnated the girl early last year while she was in Grade Seven, forcing her to drop out of school.

The girl told the court that she fell in love with Rwatiringa in October 2014 and fell pregnant in February last year.

“I fell in love with Diva (Rwatiringa) in 2014 during the month of October and I was in Grade 6 at the time. We had sexual intercourse on several occasions. He would collect me from home in a car and we would go to a bushy area where we would sleep together in the car.


“I fell pregnant in February last year when I had just started my Grade 7 and I dropped out of school. He is the first man that I slept with and if he is denying paternity, we should go for a paternity test and he should restore my virginity,” said the girl.

She said when they first started having sexual intercourse, Rwatiringa was using protection but he eventually stopped.

The girl said Rwatiringa had initially accepted responsibility for the pregnancy and had apologised for his actions before her parents.

She said Rwatiringa deserted her when she gave birth and had not contributed anything towards the child’s upkeep.

According to the girl, Rwatiringa was now threatening her and denying responsibility for their child.

“Soon after I gave birth he came home and threatened me while I was with my brother saying that we were framing him. He told me that he wanted to inspect the hands of the child in order to ascertain whether or not he was the father,” said the girl.

Rwatiringa told the court that he fell in love with the girl in May last year.

He admitted to have had sexual intercourse with her but alleged that the girl was also sleeping with several other men at the time.

“You were already pregnant when I fell in love with you. I always saw you at nightclubs with other men during the time and it has to be one of them who impregnated you not me.

“We started sleeping together in May last year and there is no way that the child is mine because you gave birth in October,” he said.

Rwatiringa also demanded a paternity test and ordered the girl to reimburse him if the results proved that the child did not belong to him.

The girl is demanding $100 maintenance from Rwatiringa.

Rwatiringa was last year sentenced to perform community service at the Plumtree magistrate’s court after he pleaded guilty to having sexual intercourse with the juvenile.

Ruvetsa ordered them to return to court on March 30 for continuation of trial.-STATE