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Temba Mliswa Fights Jah Prayzah Over Woman

by reporter263

Outspoken Norton MP Temba Mliswa has warned musician Jah Prayzah to stop sleeping with married women and threatened to release ‘v11s’ (evidence).

Jah Prayzah and Temba Mliswa
Mliswa took to twitter on Tuesday morning accusing Jah Prayzah of sleeping with other men’s women and promising to take care of them and their children.

He tweeted, “@Jahprayzah you need to stop the habit of sleeping around with married women or engaged to other men, on the promise that you will take care of them and their children. That’s a very bad habit. Unoita vana vatambure zvisina basa and unozvishoresa.”

He continued, “It has become your practice and as someone whose music I enjoyed very much this habit of yours is very unfortunate and pathetic. You are bringing confusion into people’s lives. Kana une nharo nazvo taura ndikubvisire ma V11.”

This comes after it has been reported that Jah Prayzah together with Zim dancehall chanter Killer T were detained at the Robert Mugabe International Airport for allegedly producing fake Covid-19 certificate as they landed from South Africa.


Over the weekend Jah was in Cape Town where he performed at a G40 all white private function.

Speculations in the twitter streets suggests Temba is on a smear campaign against Jah Prayzah for associating himself with the G40 faction of Zanu PF.

MDC Alliance Spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere weighed in on the matter saying artists should be left to associate with whoever they want.

“The regime must stop abusing and politicizing artists. Artists have the constitutional right to express themselves freely, associate with whomever they choose & the freedom to contract at will. They must not be persecuted for their views or associations,” said Fadzayi.

Controversial Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono also questioned Temba’s truthfulness and why he chose to leak the information soon after Jah was reportedly detained at the airport after performing at a G40 party.

Chin’ono said, “this is a low blow @TembaMliswa These so-called married and engaged women are adults who define their lives.

“Why does this suddenly come out after @jahprayzah was detained at the airport after playing a concert at Mugabe’s son-in-law’s birthday? Don’t persecute the young man!”

Jah Prayzah has not yet commented on Mliswa’s accusations.

Susan Mutami set Twitter ablaze last week after posting that she is three months pregnant with Temba Mliswa’s twins.
Susan Mutami set Twitter ablaze after posting that she is three months pregnant with Temba Mliswa’s twins.
Only in February this year Mliswa said he was proud of the 18 children he has fathered with more than 10 women while revealing that he pays US$25 000 each term for their school fees.

The firebrand legislator, who remains a bachelor, said he plans to continue bearing children but will eventually settle down when the right time comes.

Mliswa was speaking after being in the news following a fallout in his relationship with Australia-based Ms. Susan Mutami who exposed controversial details on their estranged union. Nehanda Radio

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