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Temba Mliswa is a criminal, an extortionist and a blackmailer – ExGirlfriend

by reporter263

Yesterday, The Sunday Mail spoke to Miss Susan Mutami about the acrimonious end to her relationship and the ensuing drama. Below are extracts of what she said.

There is nothing false about anything that I said there; he knows the truth. Temba is a criminal, an extortionist and a blackmailer. I have donated stuff across Zimbabwe before but have you ever heard St Michaels Mission Hospital or St Alberts Mission accusing me of extorting them?

I can afford to look after myself and my kids. There is no relationship between me and Temba anymore, and there will never be. I need to protect my kids from him. He is a very toxic person and I want nothing to do with him.

This is a man who leaked our private moments to the public and wrote a fake anonymous expose about the expecting mother of his kids.

I am not taking any of my words back and I mean exactly what I said.

Temba buys journalists to spread falsehoods about people and extorts money from people using the President’s name.


I do my charity work and help my country because I was born here. I am actually in the process of donating to Karanda Mission and (I) am in touch with their management as we speak so that I can assist my fellow Zimbabweans. Temba is someone that wanted to tarnish my image and mess around with my integrity all because we broke up.

He is a thug and people like him shouldn’t be in Parliament representing women.

If I was a resident of Norton, I would be very worried if I had a legislator like Temba Mliswa because he is a very abusive man.

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