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Temba Mliswa says he has 18 children only

by reporter263
Norton independent legislator Temba Mliswa

Norton legislator (independent) Temba Mliswa has said he has 18 children instead of 50 as alleged by former Chivi South lawmaker, Killer Zivhu.

Zivhu had furiously responded to tweets by Mliswa who was criticising Norton Council for approving residential stands in swampy areas putting people’s lives in danger especially during the rainy season. Mliswa had said:

These are the type of outcomes which lead us to ratchet the call for the removal of certain people in Norton Town Council. I have always argued that Engineer Maramba, who has a baby with @killerzivhu1, is compromised & failed to carry out her duties properly due to that.

In response, Zivhu told Mliswa to mind his own business. He said:

Temba Mliswa area iyo yaurikutora pictures ndeyama Plots yagara inotozara mvura, let me remind u of yo 43 children vauri kutadza kudzidzisa ndosaka wava kuita extortion to everyone. Below 5 years une 7 to make them 50 apa uri babe ravamwe varume you really over work yoself.

Mliswa responded disputing Zivhu’s allegations. He said:


Correction, I have 18 not 50 kids unless you donate from your own whom you can’t look after. I’m a responsible parent& am proud of my kids& their mothers. If God blesses me with more kids I would love that. But wait until tomorrow for your own bombshell @killerzivhu1

Mliswa’s fury over the allocation of stands in wetlands comes at a time when a number of people across the country lost properties after heavy rains triggered massive flooding.

It is alleged that the stands would have been illegally allocated by corrupt council officials in cahoots with land barons.

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