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Temba Mliswa stabbing July Moyo with needle in rituals

by reporter263
July Moyo

Temba Mliswa performs rituals at his Springvale Farm in Karoi, stabbing Local Government Minister July Moyo with needle while performing said rituals.

Well-known philanthropist Susan Mutami who recently accused Temba Mliswa of being in a homosexual relationship with one of his close associates Goodwell Chinyama has said Temba is trying to get rid of his political opponent July Moyo and he is reportedly performing rituals against the Local Government Minister. ZimMorning Post reports.

Mutami was speaking during a tell-all interview with the publication when she dropped the bombshell and said:

I can tell you that Temba has so far travelled across all provinces dropping snuff (bute) as part of a ritual for him to gain political power. He says ndinosvikirwa, ndinesvikiro (I am a spirit medium).

That is one of the reasons I want nothing to do with him.

He told me one of his sangomas said he will be president but first, Temba had to clear one political hurdle and that is July Moyo.


At his farm (Springfarm, Karoi) he has a room that he does his rituals naming July Moyo.

The exact reason why July Moyo is allegedly on Mliswa’s radar was not established. Mutami also said Mliswa was not related to President and further claimed President Mnangagwa probably just tolerates Mliswa’s name-dropping because of his good heart:

Temba is not related to the president (as he claims) and neither am I. Its just that the president is a man with a good heart that is probably why he continues to tolerate Temba.

Apart from the July Moyo bombshell, Mutami also made several claims against the outspoken MP and even said Temba makes money through extortion and he is broke and is struggling to take care of some of his 18 children.

Mliswa is yet to respond to Susan’s claims. Meanwhile, Mliswa is engaged in a twar (Twitter war) with former Chivi South Legislator Killer Zivhu, a twar that has seen the 2 men airing each other’s dirty laundry in public.

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