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The Queen quits alcohol

by reporter263

The Queen has been advised by her doctors to quit drinking, following growing concerns about her health.

The Queen has been urged by doctors to give up alcohol to ensure she stays in good health for her upcoming royal engagements.
Her Majesty, who is known to enjoy a dry martini and a glass of Champagne at bedtime, needs to be in top form for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year.
In other royal news, the Queen’s visit to Wales missed by unlucky fans due to this practical reason.
The Queen could be facing a dry Christmas after doctors advised her to quit alcohol for her health.

While Her Majesty has never been a heavy drinker (hangovers and ruling the country don’t exactly mix), she’s no teetotaller either. The 95-year-old monarch is said to enjoy a nightcap to wind down from her busy workdays, often sipping on dry martinis as her tipple of choice.

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It’s also been widely reported that she indulges in a flute of bubbly before she goes to bed, opting for luxurious Champagne brands like Bollinger and Lanson.


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