Founding members of Mbira DzeNharira Tendai “Samaita” Gahamadze and Mawungira eNharira’s Wilfred “Nyamasvisva” Maafrika gave a fans a taste of the finest traditional music when the two came together on stage at the Bira reMukwerera at Book Café over the weekend. The two who had their dreadlocks tied together on stage, symbolising oneness exploded into song and dance much to the delight of fans.

The gesture was received well by the audience and money ‘rained’ on stage as fans gave musical requests which the gwenyambiras gladly delivered.

The experience was indeed priceless with the mbira magic being dished out through songs “Sikana Dzvuku”, “Chenjera Iwe”, “Matendera” and “Mandibaya” among others.

The bira lived to its billing even though the groups had performed separately prior to the collaboration.

First to hit the stage was Norton based Mbira DzeNharira that opened their performance with the song “Toputika Neshungu” that is taken off their album “Tozvireva Tingaputika Neshungu”.

Clad in traditional regalia, the outfit kept mbira aficionados on their feet for the two hours that they were on stage.

Their performance was characterised by the powerful and well-coordinated sound that saw Chaka “Mukanya” Chakandika showing his brilliance on the “Karimba”.

Gahamadze’s singing oozed depth and wisdom and dancer Kuwanzaruwa made it exciting with his energetic traditional dance moves.

The celebrations continued with the group passing the button to Mawungira Enharira who thrilled also.

The group that is fresh from a tour of Sweden saw Nyamasvisva staging a lively act thanks to chantings from percussionist Dalony Muchaka.

The Zvimba-born Nyamasvisva who became an integral part of his village’s annual “Mukweverera” ceremony at a tender age showcased his unique way of thumping the instrument.

Throughout the performance, Mawungira eNharira paid homage to their Mbira DzeNharira, acknowledging how they had begun their musical journey from there.

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