There Was No Podium: Zimbabwe Politician Blackman Defends Picture

FORMER Kwekwe Central Member of Parliament, Masango “Blackman” Matambanadzo, has torched a social media storm after he addressed a rally in Mbizo sitting on the shoulders of one of his bodyguards.

FORMER Kwekwe Central Member of Parliament, Masango “Blackman” Matambanadzo
FORMER Kwekwe Central Member of Parliament, Masango “Blackman” Matambanadzo

The picture, which has since gone viral on various social networks, has been roundly condemned with the majority questioning the motive behind the stunt.

Some felt Blackman was abusing his position and financial muscle to exploit one of his aides.

Contacted for comment, Blackman confirmed the incident saying his supporters were excited as they took turns to carry him throughout the rally.

“We were at a rally and there was no podium for me to stand so people took turns to carry me.

“It’s only that only one picture is circulating but there are other different pictures of people carrying me on their shoulders,” he said.

Blackman said that he had come to address them as he acted in that manner.


“The people were excited that I had come to address them and that’s why they acted in the manner they did.

“It was not abuse like what is being said on social media; people volunteered to do so out of excitement,” he added.

Below are some of the comments from various social media users after the picture went viral:

VaJarijari‏ @VaJarijari: Former Kwekwe Central MP Masango “Blackman” Matambanadzo addressed a rally at Mbizo 4 Shopping Centre yesterday for about 30 minutes whilst on his personal bodyguard’s shoulder.

Sadza Muriwo Nenyama: The bodyguard is a d***head and Blackman is an a**h***. They both deserve each other. It just goes to show Zimbos aren’t ready to be free!

Tehn Dia Mwanawamabo: Pakanga pasina kuwirirana here pahuviri hwavo?…ko kana vatsigiri vake vakasarudza kuti umwe wavo atakure Blackman? Mafungiro anguwo.

Simba Makokota Njagu: Ahhh uyu anopenga uyu kurwara chaiko

Duduzile Nyirongo‏ @dudumo: 1’m looking for volunteers who want to carry me during my campaign rallies. Thank you.

BaTaaTaa‏ @ChamuMurava: Gets interesting on the campaign trail!-H-metro