Theresa May new UK prime minister

London. — In a carefully orchestrated political ballet, David Cameron left his job and his home at 10 Downing Street yesterday, resigning as prime minister soon afterward at Buckingham Palace.

Theresa May then became Britain’s new leader, accepting an invitation to govern from Queen Elizabeth II.

The palace soon afterwards released a photo of May curtseying to the monarch.

In the traditional change of government ceremony, Cameron met the queen at the palace and recommended that the monarch invite May — his successor as Conservative Party leader — to form a new government.

Cameron said shortly before leading office that May would provide “strong and stable leadership” and wished her luck in negotiations for Britain leaving the European Union — the issue that caused his demise.

Although May backed remaining in the EU, she has reassured “leave” supporters that “Brexit means Brexit, and we will make a success of it.”


She is expected to quickly unveil a new Cabinet line-up, including a minister in charge of implementing Brexit.

Observers are keen to see if she appoints former London Mayor Boris Johnson or Justice Secretary Michael Gove to new jobs.

The two Conservatives headed the “leave” campaign but then turned on one another in the leadership contest. — Agencies.