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Thieves who pounced on Mugabe’s iphone further remanded

by reporter263

The case in which three men are facing allegations of stealing an iPhone 6 valued at $1 500 from President Mugabe’s youngest son, Bellarmine Chatunga, was yesterday deferred to March 29 for routine remand.

Victor Josam (26), Tendai Makambaire (30) and Kelvin Mwandayi (27) are facing theft charges. Harare magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo deferred the matter to March 29. The three are out on $100 bail each. Allegations are that on November last year, the three and an accomplice who is still at large hatched a plan to steal from unsuspecting students who were at a function at St John’s College, in Harare.

The court heard that the trio allegedly proceeded to St John’s College in Borrowdale where they targeted Chatunga, who had an iPhone 6.

It is alleged that at one point Chatunga went to the toilet in the company of his friend, Honour Mukudzei Rwodzi.

It is also alleged that Chatunga gave Rwodzi the iPhone as he entered the toilet. It is further alleged that it was at that juncture that the trio approached Rwodzi and misrepresented that they had been sent by Chatunga to collect his phone.

The court heard that Rwodzi allegedly handed over the iPhone to them after which they disappeared into the crowd.


A report was made, leading to the arrest of the trio and recovery of the phone.

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