This is how snake vomits money: Watch man perform juju money ritual

Juju money is something that interests a lot of people and how exactly this happens is a subject of intrigue. Some believe the money rituals spell doom for those who practice it and some speculate on one’s wealth and label such ritualists or ‘kuromba’ like what they did with Ginimbi.

Harare Live has decided to share how some of this strange money is obtained effortlessly using a few charms but terrifyingly snakes are involved.

In the following video, a man is seen performing some strange incantations and voila, bricks of fresh US dollar stacks are unveiled together with a huge snake.

The snake, according to some sources is the one that vomits money but not without consequences.



Some people have claimed Ginimbi was a ritualist and that he got his money through juju.

This is despite the fact that the man worked for a long time in the gas supply industry under his company Piko Holdings as well as his successful uptown Dreams Nightclub.

Many speculations have been thrown around with people making questionable allegations.

His brother Lawrence also made such claims saying the man ‘akaromba’ and also Tatelicious, a socialite made some damning allegations that say the man was involved in some rituals.