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Tinopona Katsande Dumps Dead Body Using Taxi

by reporter263
Tinopona Katsande Dumps Friend’s Dead Body

Former Studio 263 actress Tinopona Katsande, affectionately known as Tin Tin, is alleged to have overdosed her friend before ferrying the dead body in a taxi and disappearing into thin air.

It seems like trouble is never far away from the actress who stands accused of transporting her dead friend’s body in a taxi without notifying her friend’s parents or the police for that matter.

According to a local publication, H-Metro, the incident occurred on Tuesday in Belvedere where Katsande allegedly hired a taxi to ferry the 45-year-old Rebecca Chinyerere’s body. Rebecca is reported to have collapsed while in the bathroom at the actress’s apartment.

Family spokesperson, Ishamail Chinyerere, is shocked by Tin Tin’s failure to inform them of what happened and her decision to use a taxi to transport the body.  To make matters worse it is alleged that , Tin Tin, transported Rebecca’s body in the same taxi with her two sons.Tinopona Katsande Dumps Friend’s Dead Body

It is reported that Tinopona Katsande picked up the late Rebecca from her house even though her brother adamantly refused as she was still on medication. However, Rebecca insisted on going along with TinTin she was already going away with her two sons.


Rebecca’s mom says,

“She came and picked up my daughter only to bring back her body. Handizive kuti pane chakaitika ikoko here, munongoziva mafungiro edu echivanhu, munhu waabva naye achifamba nevana vake, kwozouya kwanzi chava chitunha. Munongofungira pane zvakaitika nyangwe musina proof, munongofunga kuti kuda ndizvo zvaamutakurira.”

She is appalled by Tin Tin failure to inform them of what happened,

“If she was a normal person, when she saw that her friend had collapsed, she should have called the brother to inform him”, she says

It is alleged that Tin Tin still hasn’t returned after she left the body. Efforts to contact her have been fruitless as her mobile number is unreachable.

“From the night she came with the body, we thought she was going to come just to show remorse, but we haven’t seen her”, he said.

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