Tiwa Savage is Pregnant

Fans of pop diva Tiwa Savage woke up on the first day of the New Year to the good news that she’s now pregnant, nine months into her marriage to former manager Tunji Balogun. From the picture shared, the undisputed Queen of Pop Music in Nigeria is visibly in her first trimester which means this is the part where she feels all the early pregnancy symptoms like nausea, early morning sickness, fatigue, food cravings and all.

With this in mind and bearing in mind that this is Tiwa Savage’s first known pregnancy, she needs to take the following tips into consideration.

No more twerking on stage: Tiwa Savage is known for her energetic stage craft and performance. Going forward, this has to reduce or completely stop.

No more shoki dance, no more twerking on stage and grinding either.

Slow down her recording process: Before she gets heavier, Tiwa Savage needs to secure her maternal leave and steady presence in the minds of her fans by recording quite a number of songs now which she will be releasing in the later stages of her pregnancy when she won’t be fit to record songs.

If she doesn’t prepare for this stage, she might have to struggle for a comeback when she delivers her baby with the likes of Seyi Shay, Yemi Alade and Cynthia Morgan lurking in the background.


No more alcohol: If she does drink, then it has to stop. For the safety of her unborn child, alcohol consumption must stop.

No more skimpy outfits: This is the part where Tiwa Savage goes shopping for maternity gowns and leaves the much-talked about mini skirts and dresses.

Extreme exercise: Tiwa is known for her well-toned and firm body which is as a result of regular exercise and fitness trainings.
Now that she’s pregnant, this will have to stop. — NET.