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Top 20 Richest People in Zimbabwe

by reporter263
Strive Masiyiwa

1. Strive Masiyiwa ($860m)-Econet Group

strive masiyiwa
2. John Bredenkamp ($793m)-Logistics,Mining & Commodities

3. Nic Van Hoogstraten ($750m)-Investments

Hoogstraten 6 Connors.JPG-pwrt3

4. Billy Reutenbach ($740m)-Logistics & Diversified

5. Zed Koudonaris ($734m)-Innscor Africa & Property


6. Ken Sharpe ($690m)-Real Estate

7. Sam Levy Family ($677m)-Inherited

8. Michael Fowler ($645m)-Diversified
9. Ian Saunders ($590m)-Mining

Ian Saunders, New Dawn Mining
10. Charles Davy ($540)-Property
11. John Moxon ($500)-Miekles Africa

12. Simon & Hamish Rudland ($500)-Financials & Investments


Soon after completing his degree Hamish set up a freight and passenger company, Pioneer Transport, in Harare. The freight side of the business involves using the company’s 16 trucks to move jet fuel, diesel and petrol for Mobil Africa in the Southern African region. The daily bus service offered by Pioneer Transport operates inter-city from Harare northwards.
Hamish says Zimbabwe is currently a difficult country in which to run a business. “As seen in the media our political problems and land issues have had a negative effect on the economy. Foreign exchange is scarce and inflation is high; however this is where opportunity lies and we are making the most of the opportunities for better times, which we expect in the not too distant future. The people of Zimbabwe are very resilient and resourceful and I have no doubt that the country will prosper in the near future. Zimbabwe is a great place to live, the weather is excellent and the people very friendly. I am definitely having the time of my life.”
13. Davenport Family ($470m)-Investments
14. Shingi Mutasa ($430m)-TA Holdings

15. Obert Mpofu ($370m)-Properties

16. Robert Mugabe Family ($215m)-Mining, Agric & Investments

17. Nicholas Vingirai ($210m)-Banking

18. James Makamba ($198m)-Investments

James Makamba Top 50 Richest Zimbabweans
19. Thabani Dinara ($99m)-Logistics,CivEng& Properties
20. Mutumwa Mawere ($98m)-Investments

Mutumwa Mawere Mining Investments
Mutumwa Mawere Mining Investments

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