Tortoise goblin rapes girl
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Tortoise goblin rapes girl

A prophet reportedly sexually attacked a teenage girl before assigning a tortoise to suck her breast. The girl was said to be possessed with an evil spirit.

Thulani Sibanda, a resident from Pelandaba said the prophet known as Madzibaba Sadza went to see the minor’s grandmother in Nyanga to exorcise her homestead.

“After exorcising the homestead Madzibaba Sadza convinced the granny that he could secure a job for her 17-year-old granddaughter. The granny agreed and he left with the minor to Nkayi to conduct another exorcism,” said a resident.

Sibanda went on to expose the sex offender’s scandals

“On 12 December 2020 at around 4.30am, after a healing session he ordered his aide known as Madzibaba Mthembo to take the minor to a secluded room which was about 200 metres away from his bedroom hut. The unsuspecting minor went there. He (Madzibaba Sadza) followed them with a packet of chips and gave it to the minor. Madzibaba Mthembo left them in the room.

“Madzibaba Sadza ordered the minor to undressed and he also undressed and remained naked. The minor refused and he threatened to stab her with a knife. The teenager took off her clothes unwillingly and he licked her private parts before raping her,” said Sibanda.

He added: “He sexually attacked the minor once again at around midday and once the following morning. He gave her a tortoise and said she should allow it to suck her breast so that she would make money. The minor said the tortoise sucked her during the night.”

On 13 December 2020 they left Nkayi for Bulawayo.

“They arrived at his lodgings in Pelandaba suburb and put up at his rented room where during the night he raped her and let his tortoise suck her breast and insisted that she must let it suck her and when they go to South Africa she would secure a well-paying job and get rich instantly,” said Sibanda.

The minor then managed to escape after Madzibaba Sadza went to take a bath.

She explained her experience to a neighbour who informed other residents.

“Unfortunately when we went to apprehend Madzibaba Sadza we found that he had fled. We then took the minor to Western Commonage police station and made a report,” said another resident who only identified herself as Khethiwe.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube said: “We are investigating a case of rape where a self-proclaimed prophet allegedly raped a minor several times and also assigned his tortoise to suck the minor’s breast for ritual purposes.

He added: “We are appealing to members of the public to seek understanding of how God’s services are done or provided. Normal and genuine services and prayers are conducted in church.”

Insp Ncube appealed for information that will lead to the arrest of the Madzibaba Sadza who has run away.

Frank Javangwe, Councillor for the area said: “We urge community members to be on alert for such fake prophets who take advantage of unsuspecting people. As a community we deplore such evil acts and if anyone comes across him (Madzibaba Sadza) they must report him to the police.”

The Member of Parliament for Mpopoma-Pelandaba constituency Charles Moyo said: “As a constituency we bemoan such a devilish deed, it’s against our culture and we are appealing to the community of Bulawayo and whoever could have information that may lead to the arrest of Madzibaba Sadza to contact any nearest police station. I urge community members to report such cases to community leadership.”

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