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Tough-talking Mliswa undresses hubby thief Grace Mugabe in public

by reporter263

“Who worked in the President’s office and ended up being the First Lady when the President was married to the late Sally Mugabe?”

Themba Mliswa

Themba Mliswa

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and wife Grace must openly embrace homosexuality as they are surrounded by gays in Zanu PF and government, former ruling party provincial chairman, Temba Mliswa, has said.

Mliswa also said Grace was not qualified to comment about the morality of political rivals, having started an affair with Mugabe while the veteran leader was still married to then ailing wife, Sally.

President Mugabe is a virulent critic of homosexuality, notably describing gays and lesbians as worse than dogs and pigs.

But addressing journalists at a press conference in Harare Monday, Mliswa said it was high time Mugabe embraced homosexuality.

The Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (YARD) leader has previously claimed that cabinet ministers linked to the ruling party’s G40 faction, which backs Grace, are gay.


Mliswa was fired from the ruling party for allegedly backing a claimed coup attempt by former vice president Joice Mujuru who was also axed by Mugabe.

The former legislator claimed that Mugabe is comfortable working with those involved in homosexual behavior despite publicly pretending outrage at same sex relationships.

“I am not against homosexuality, but our own President must not lie to the world and castigate those who have chosen to be homosexuals,” said Mliswa

“Who does not know that the late Vice president Canaan Banana was gay and there is evidence most Zanu PF cadres are homosexuals.

“I have evidence and can prove it if they want me to confirm my allegations; so why does Zanu PF not openly embrace homosexuality?”

Mliswa also expressed concern about the First Lady’s recent attacks against political rivals, saying she had overstepped her boundaries when accusing senior government officials of immorality and witchcraft.

The First Lady, in remarks seen as targeted at vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, claimed Mugabe’s deputy had thousands of children around the country from multiple relationships.

Pot calling kettle black

But Mliswa said Grace was not one to judge others on morality.

“Who worked in the President’s office and ended up being the First Lady when the President was married to the late Sally Mugabe?”

“Zimbabweans are not stupid and we know who our First Lady is and because of being the wife of the President we have given her respect regardless of her background.”

He added: “She should respect the hierarchy and observe her place or His Excellency should declare that she is running the country.

“We must also question the capacity in which she is making her statements since neither the Zimbabwe nor Zanu PF constitutions have a provision for this (First Lady) portfolio and, therefore, she has no authority to make such attacks.

Mliswa said the treatment given to Mujuru was being repeated against Mnangagwa in “clear violation of protocol” adding this set a “bad and dangerous precedence”.

“When did the First Lady qualify to be a moral judge? Is she now the Chief Justice of morality in this country and why is she humiliating people about morality?”

Mliswa further claimed that most women in Zanu PF (names supplied but withheld for professional reasons) have risen to high ranks through carpet interviews.

He said Grace should remember that she was once a secretary to the President as she should ask herself how she became the First Lady.

“There are no morals at all in the party itself,” he said. “Did all these women talking about morality get to where they are today through merit?”-thezimbabwean

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