Tryson faces arrest

TRYSON-CHIMBETUDendera musician Tryson Chimbetu is facing arrest after failing to perform at Takaz Night Club in Dotito, Mt Darwin, on Saturday despite getting a deposit performance fee of $250.

Owner of the club Takaidza Nyawanza said besides the deposit, he had incurred advertising and travelling costs that he wanted the musician to reimburse.

After paying for show advertisement material, Nyawanza said he travelled from Mt Darwin to Harare to ferry the musician and his band for the show but could not locate them.

Nyawanza reported the case at Harare Central Police Station under case number RRB 043454.

After learning about the report, Tryson paid back $240 and the club owner says the musician has to pay the remainder and refund incurred costs or face arrest.

“After our agreement Tryson raised the issue of transport and I offered to use my truck. I even drove to Harare hoping to take the band, but I could not locate them and I made a police report,” he said.

“After the report, he returned $240 but he must pay for our loss because I had put adverts and he was aware of everything,” he said.

Tryson, however, said the promoter talked to people who were not part of his management.

“I received money in my EcoCash account and I phoned to tell him that we had another show in Kuwadzana.

“I am told he has reported to the police and we want the case to go to court,” he said.

The musician said they had no agreement with the promoter because he had engaged wrong people in the deal.

“Let him produce the contract. I was only trying to help him out because he had talked to people who are not part of my management,” said Tryson.

A member of Tryson’s management only identified as Marvelous said they had agreed on the show but Nyawanza failed to fulfil transport obligations.

“We told him that we could not travel in a truck because we are a big band and our members cannot use such transport,” he said.

Marvelous said they had agreed that the promoter would pay them $450 and transport.

He said they could not say much but would wait for the law to take its course.

“Since the issue is being handled by the police, let’s wait and see,” he said.