‘Tsvangirai Chooses Manson Over Wife’
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‘Tsvangirai Chooses Manson Over Wife’

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MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai refuses to stay with Ms Elizabeth Macheka in Borrowdale because he fears vacating the Highlands mansion, bought for his use as Prime Minister during the inclusive Government era, would pave way for a zanu-pf takeover, the state owned Herald has reported..

This was revealed by his wife in a sensational audio recording in possession of The Herald.

Ms Macheka built the Borrowdale house among other properties she has in Harare.

She argues that the 3-bedroom Highlands house is too small to accommodate the family.

Ms Macheka has begged Mr Tsvangirai to join her in Borrowdale, but her plea has fallen on deaf ears.

It has also emerged that Mr Tsvangirai and the extended family do not trust Ms Macheka whom they fear could be a zanu-pf agent planted to destroy the opposition leader’s career.

Ms Macheka is daughter to zanu-pf politician Mr Joseph Macheka. She is under constant monitoring by the Tsvangirais to an extent of tracking her calls.

So bad is the mistrust that at one time Tsvangirai had to verify persons who communicate with Ms Macheka with a mobile phone operator that she uses but found no incriminating evidence.

Even though Mr Tsvangirai, through his spokesperson Mr Luke Tamborinyoka, have been denying the story since The Herald broke it yesterday, the newspaper has it on good authority that the rift between the opposition leader and his wife has seen Ms Macheka accused of working with zanu-pf to kill her husband through food poisoning, plunging the fragile marriage into the abyss.

On the Highlands mansion, Ms Macheka is heard in the recording saying: “Vakati handisi comfortable imba yako (Borrowdale home) ukamuka wakashatirwa unoti buda mumba mangu. Imba ino iyi ndakaivaka, hoo right, asi imba yenyuwo. Zvekuti ndakaivaka sei kana zvakafamba sei hazvinei nemunhu but pamba pedu. Hapanzi pamba pamai nababa Tsvangirai pano apa?”

She reveals during a family hearing presided over by one of Mr Tsvangirai’s nephews that her husband is scared of losing the Highlands mansion to zanu-pf and would rather live in it than join his wife in Borrowdale.

“Ivo vakanditi ndikabva kuHighlands uko imba inogona kutorwa.

“Vanhu vezanu-pf vanotora imba kana kuti iwe tama wouya kuHighlands. Highlands ine mabedrooms mangani?”

Ms Macheka argues the house cannot accommodate the whole family considering the number of the children they have between them.

Mr Tsvangirai has four and Ms Macheka has three children.

Mr Tsvangirai and Ms Macheka’s two year marriage has technically collapsed and efforts by close relatives to mend it have failed.

Ms Macheka claims Mr Tsvangirai is an unrepentant and ungrateful cheat, who despite failing to consummate their relationship, still tries his luck elsewhere.


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