Uebert Angel entangled in yet another controversy

By Staff reporter

A former associate of the controversial preacher and leader of The GoodNews Church has caused a stir on social media with rants that allege that Uebert Angel is a woman abuser.
Known as Ashton Des Tutu on Facebook, he has hinted that his former spiritual father and church leader runs a sophisticated life of manipulation and exploitation of female congregates whom he sexually abuses.
Ashton Des Tutu has been broadcasting on Facebook live in the past days outlining a series of serious allegations that expose Uebert Angel.
However, the young youth leader who moved from Ireland and relocated to England following the instructions from Uebert Angel, has been careful not to name Angel in the live broadcast in which he has been spilling the beans on Angel.
Sources close to Ashton Des Tutu confirmed to this publication that it was Angel whom he referred to as the ‘London Prophet’
“Ashton has been on Facebook live on several broadcasts in which he spoke on how he was manipulated and used to cover up the delinquencies of Uebert Angel and although he does not directly name him for fear of legal repercussions it is clear when one puts two and two together that he is speaking of Uebert Angel.” Said our source.
2020 has seen a number of prophets facing some serious issues with the law.

Ashton Des Tutu

Another of Uebert Angel’s associates Shephard Bushiri skipped bail and escaped from South Africa to Malawi.
Bushiri faces nine counts of rape in South Africa and a string of fraud and money laundering charges.
Meanwhile, Alph Lukau a Congolese prophets who gained infamy after an alleged fake resurrection of Elliott is also said to have relocated to France after South Africa authorities started looking into his conduct and church activities.

More news to follow as these stories continue.