Uebert Angel’s Bentley saga takes new twist

Prophet Uebert Angel Mudzanire’s Bentley saga has taken a new twist following an application by his lawyers to have the current lawful possessor of the vehicle, Phibeon Busangabanye, cited as a party to the ongoing ownership wrangle.angel-with-boateng-e1418366091521


Mudzanire’s lawyer advocate Webster Chinamora told High Court judge Justice November Mtshiya that it was important for the applicant in the matter, Ndabazinengi Shava, to cite Busangabanye since he was the one who was in lawful possession of the $300 000 vehicle which he bought from Mudzanire.

“We made an application before the court to have the lawful possessor of the vehicle cited as a respondent in the matter so that he will also explain his position to the court,” Chinamhora told NewsDay yesterday.

The Bentley saga has taken several twists and turns since the matter was reported to police by Shava who accused the man-of-the-cloth of duping him.

“It, therefore, appears to me that Mr Busangabanye has a direct, substantial and financial interest in the present matter, and it would be fatal to the success of the case for him not to be joined as a party to the proceedings. Any judgment eventually rendered would be a brutum fulmen since he would not have been given an opportunity to present his case. The issue possession is res judicata,” Chinamora said.

According to Shava, firmly believing in the power of the Almighty which could bring abundant blessings to God-fearing-people, he took the Bentley to Mudzanire who allegedly promised him abundant blessings if he “seeded” the vehicle to the man of God.

However, Shava’s expectations did not materialise within the expected period prompting him to confront Mudzanire for the return of the vehicle, but it had already been sold to Busangabanye. At one point, the Bentley dispute resulted in criminal charges being levelled against Mudzanire who apparently did not appear in court since he was outside the country.

In April this year, the vehicle’s matter was brought before High Court judge Justice Nicholas Mathonsi after Shava challenged its use by Busangabanye arguing he was still the rightful owner, but the court did not grant him ownership. Instead, the court ordered that the legal possessor, Busangabanye, should keep possession of the vehicle and not use it until finalisation of the ownership wrangle.Read previous story here:

  • http://thezimbabwenewslive.com/angels-bentley-brought-to-court-as-exhibit/


The matter is now set to be heard on June 17.NEWSDAY