Uebert Angel’s Wife Bebe Speaks On The Day She Was Told To Abort

About 15 years ago we were expecting our first baby. We were told by doctors that they diagnosed a Down’s Syndrome in our unborn child. The doctors said the child will struggle and we would have difficulties with the child as such they recommended that we should rid the pregnancy. The attendant doctor then said he had scheduled a meeting to abort the child and advised us to just consider another conception since it was our first pregnancy.

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“My husband pointed it out that aborting the pregnancy was a non-starter and he told me that we would not go back to that doctor or any other maternity clinic again. He then told me that he was venturing into two-weeks fasting. He instructed me to lock him in our prayer room and that I should not open the room even if he knocks. He emphasized that no matter the sound I would hear, I should NEVER open the door. There was no food or water or any other type of drink in that room, and he instructed that I should never bring any food, drink or water.

“When exactly 2 weeks elapsed, I opened the door and when he came out, he told me that he was feeling a special anointing and he went straight prolonging the fast into three months. When he completed the three months of the dry fast, he said to me: ‘I feel it in my spirit the sound of Victory.’

“The time to deliver the baby arrived and I went to the same hospital to give birth. When I arrived, the doctors were shocked that I kept the pregnancy against their instructions to abort. It was earmarked as a High Risk Labour and a team of specialists was put in place to attend to this birth. I saw specialist and different nurses wearing blue, pink, green and white in the ICU labour room.

“As the child came out, they quickly whisked him to a special room to care for him and run tests. When they vigorously ran their test, Lo and behold! – They found that the baby was a 100% normal and healthy. There was no Down’s Syndrome whatsoever on him.

“My husband then said to them: ‘You will not touch my son again’. Today is 14 years later and my son is always the first in his class, where he is even a class prefect, a top Rugby player and best in Basket Ball. Because you ventured into the Twelve Days Fasting as instructed, I see things are going to change in your life!” Prophetess Bebe Angel