UK-based entrepreneur links small-scale farmers with foreign investors

A UNITED Kingdom-based Zimbabwean entrepreneur has launched an agricultural investment platform which will connect small-scale and communal farmers with local and foreigners seeking to invest in agriculture.


The platform,, is the brainchild of Michael Matope.

Matope said realised that the demand for agriculture and agricultural products would continue to grow in response to an ever-growing population. will launch the full website with dashboard and mobile apps on July 31, Matope said.

“The App and website will allow investors to manage all their investors online, and allow them to invest in other projects. aim is to give investors both local and in Diaspora the opportunity to invest in agricultural projects mainly by communal and small scale farmers,” he said.

“ will connect small-scale farmers with investors, who invest in cycles which can be anything from [three to five months] for poultry projects to [seven months to 12 months] for vegetables and grain projects.”

data-full-width=""> aims to build a community model that allows Zimbabweans or foreigners to venture into farming and agriculture at the touch of a button, while empowering local farmers, and boosting production and security of food for Zimbabwe.

The platform seeks to provide capital or financing to over 2 000 small-scale farmers by the end of 2019.-Newsday