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UK:Radcliffe mum joins Zimbabwean human rights activists for demonstration

by reporter263

Zimbabwean protestors at the demonstration in Manchester

Zimbabwean protestors at the demonstration in Manchester

A MUM who came to Radcliffe after fleeing political persecution in Zimbabwe joined a protest in Manchester against Robert Mugabe’s regime.

More than 20 Zimbabweans living across the UK gathered at Cathedral Gardens on September 10 to demonstrate about human rights abuses and collect signatures for three petitions condemning the ZANU-PF government.

Caroline Madondo, who moved to School Street in 2014, was forced to leave her two young children behind when she escaped her home country in 2007, fearing for her life as an opponent of the government.

The petitions, targeted at the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and African Union (AU), the UK Government, and the European Union, were available for members of the public to sign as they were attracted by the group’s drum beat, singing and dancing.


The campaigners also had displays of placards and posters.

The petitions ask for the SADC and the AU to ensure that their member governments uphold the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UK to stop deportation to Zimbabwe, and for the EU to condemn the Mugabe regime and suspend government aid.

A spokesman for the group said: “As clearly shown by the Manchester group and other protestors throughout the country, the message is loud and clear that the ordinary Zimbabwe citizens are demanding Mugabe’s immediate resignation, owing to his failed 36 year rule in which many people were made jobless as a result of several companies which were closed down.

“In addition, police brutality, corruption, and calls for democratic electoral reforms were some of the main issues raised to the public.”

Caroline, who was inspired to speak up for women by the This Flag movement, said: “The demonstrations and vigils will continue until Mugabe and his corrupt government goes.”

The Radcliffe Times reported in May that she and other refugees had set up the Women of Justice Arise (WOJA) group to advocate for women and children’s rights.-Bolton News

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