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Underwear every women needs

by reporter263

THE whole purpose of underwear is to be able to feel comfortable and confident. The underwear industry has come up with innovations and new technology in making underwear in order for you to choose whichever style makes you feel most confident.black-woman-in-sexy-underwear

by Rutendo Chidawanyika

Reasons for wearing underwear may vary from woman to woman, one of the reasons being for modesty. Without any underwear on most people would have wardrobe malfunctions and this may cause your privates to go on display. To avoid such scenarios it is advisable to wear underwear.

Hygiene is perhaps the most important reason as to why we wear underwear. Hygiene and comfort may be valid reasons, however, feeling and looking sexy is THE reason why we choose the underwear we choose. You cannot have one type of panties as different attires and occasions call for a variety of panties.

Types of underwear every woman needs

High waist
High-waisted underwear have been trending in recent fashion shows all over international runways. Most noticeably the retro silhouette which sits higher than standard briefs at the natural waist. High-waisted panties look like classic briefs, they give a full coverage across the behind and front for easy comfort.


These days high-waisted underwear is often an international fashion statement. It’s a great style to wear especially for layering it under a sheer lace dress or skirt. The silhouette works well on garments that look best with smooth lines underneath.

These days the term bikini is pretty vague and can mean a lot of things. The bikini style of underwear is middle ground between thongs and briefs. Typically slim on the sides and with just enough on the behind to offer some coverage, a bikini is not only very sexy, but a great option for a less visible finish.

As far as underwear goes, boyshorts are one of the modest options. They may be modelled after men’s briefs, however, they perfectly frame the buttocks, with full sides and front, but a thong style base. Not only are boyshorts comfortable, depending on the fabric and fit, boyshorts can usually serve the same functions as thongs under clothing. The covered silhouette can often be worn with form fitting clothes, especially layered beneath short skirts on a windy days.

Briefs can be absolutely gorgeous and unless you are trying to hide panty lines, they are great every day. Briefs are similar to bikinis, but they offer a more traditional cut and extra coverage, more of a straight cut leg versus a high cut on the hip. Some may refer to these as granny panties, but the improvements on them in recent trends is amazing.

G-strings and regular thongs are not the same thing. And no, they are not interchangeable terms in the lingerie world.

G-strings are sometimes called V-strings, they are the sexiest of skimpy underwear choices. However, G-strings are not for everyone, some feel most comfortable in them and some not so.

These are similar to G-strings but thongs are slightly thicker on the band, with little coverage on the front
and back triangles. It’s considered by some that thongs are more comfortable than G-strings. Thongs are widely regarded as a preventive measure for visible panty lines. Most women are afraid of panty lines and just default to a thong.

Have fun while choosing underwear, get different types, shapes, styles and colours. Be comfortable and wear them with confidence. Do not wear underwear that is too tight, it is unflattering and can also promote chaffing on skin and vaginal irritation.

When choosing material, make sure the crotch is ALWAYS lined with cotton. Cotton fabric is breathable that is why it is recommended, only wear silk and synthetic underwear during special occasions. Silk and synthetic increase the risk of moisture being trapped and retained, which can result in yeast infection.

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