University of Johannesburg Yellow Bone Student Begs For a Job After 7 Years of Studying

A University of Johannesburg Masters Degree student who spent considerable time studying ‘ yellow bones ‘ made an emotional plea on social media begging for work .

Tshepo Makobela, completed his Master’s Degree and passed with a Distinction

His thesis entitled: ” Perceptions of black in Katlehong about female yellow bones” attracted worldwide criticism.

Now he wants the public to help him get his dream job as Communications Strategist.
“Thank you South Africa for appreciating my work and responding positively to my dissertation “Perceptions of black in Katlehong about female yellow bones”. Now please help me find work as I’m still unemployed. I’ve been trying on my own with no luck now I call upon you to help me get a job. After spending the past 7 years at university and having acquired enough theory during my years as a student. I am now ready to put everything into practice in the public relation, communication, media discipline, sports industry and academic space to utilize my current analytical skills and knowledge. I hold a BA Sport Communication degree, BA Honours Communication Theories and MA Fundamental Communication all from UJ. I’m a hard working and always willing to learn. I aspire to become responsible for the analysis and implementation of all communication strategies as well as organization of sports events within an organization. I aspire to develop and maintain productive working relationships and actively contribute to overall success of any organisation or business I work for. I have no experience so entry-level, junior positions and internships will help me work my way up to the top and to prove my worth. Thank you South Africans” he says

Tshepo Makobela….Thank you but now help me find a job

This is a video of how some people bleach themselves to become Yellowbones.

Yellow bone bleaching