Vendor Strikes Policeman With Machete

A vendor based at the popular Chitima flea market yesterday attacked a Masvingo City Council cop with a machete following an early morning raid on the vendors by municipal police , it has been reported.

According to Zimeye ,the city council police raided the popular market yesterday and confiscated the vendors’ merchandise.

The overzealous municipal police officers have been widely criticised for causing commotion in the city centre because of their random raids on vendors and taxi drivers.

Following the raid, vendors fled from different directions and Tinaye Gotora, a prominent municipal cop chased one of the vendors who ran towards Mucheke river.
As Gotora gave chase, the vendor suddenly stopped and struck the unsuspecting municipal cop with the machete once on his hand. The vendor dropped the machete and fled from the scene.

Gotora sustained a deep cut on his hand and he also bled profusely.

Masvingo mayor Councillor Hubert Fidze was not immediately available for a comment but a council official confirmed the incident.


“It is true one of our officers was attacked by a vendor near Chitima flea market. I am not in a position to give you comprehensive details but that is what happened,” said the council official.
The municipal cops also burnt several tables belonging to the vendors following the attack on Gotora.