Video : Ginimbi , Sir Wicknell In Nasty Fight Over ‘Girlfriend’ DJ Rimo

Ginimbi and DJ Rimo

A lot has been left to wonder about Ginimbi and how he lived his life with a leaked video showing he was sexually attracted to men.This followed a revelation that the fallout between Sir Wicknel and Ginimbi was over a ‘ ‘woman ‘ Tinotenda ” Dj Rimo” Marimo.

DJ Rimo, was a long term ‘partner ‘ of Wicknell Chivhayo before switching holes. Chivhayo himself had a gay relationship with the late VP John Nkomo. He left Chivhayo and moved in with Ginimbi at his Domboshava mansion earlier in 2020. An Insider at the property confirmed DJ Rimo’s room at the property was all decorated in ‘Pink’. Wicknell Chivhayo had bought a brand new Mercedes Benz for Marimo and this has been confirmed by inside sources.

In June 2020 , DJ Rimo wrote ”


So I receive a text from my stripper ex girlfriend. She needed closure and needed to understand something? she asked me how I swore I loved her but still messed around. I told her my heart and my penis are not the same they always fought about it. I genuinely never wanted to be involved in their arguments, it really wasn’t my fault, but after she left they both went for therapy and thanks to @officialpushathletics they are in a better space now learning to agree on the same thing it’s been tough but was right by their side.”

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Rare footage of his all-white-party shows Ginimbi dry humping the back of a male reveller like one would a woman.

This strange sighting creates more controversy to the already delicate question of why Ginimbi was not married with some, like Tatelicious, suggesting the man was romantically involved with his best friend Dj Rimo.

Whether he was doing this in good jest or out of sheer drunkenness leaves a lot to be desired and a feeling perhaps the man was, indeed, ‘ga_y’.

Below is the never before seen footage in the VIP section at one of his All-White-Party edition.Video Player

To date , Sir Wicknell has not been to Ginimbi’s funeral.