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Video: Is Pokello Nare Lesbian?

by Lex Vambe

Pokello x Tanya The Therapist (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Pokello and her bestie popularly known as Tanya the therapist have sent social media into overdrive after a video of them kissing each other went viral.

The video has got social media talking with many questioning if the two are now lesbians.

Pokello X Tanya
A screenshot from the video of Pokello and Tanya kissing

The video sparked mixed reactions as some social media users saw nothing wrong with the kiss since it was just a perk on the lips. A number of men were, however,  really dumbfounded by the video as they questioned how two beautiful ladies could possibly choose to be lesbians.

Here are some of the reactions;



Asi are they lesbianshttp.charrrWhats wrong with pecking your bestfriend??? Its not like they’re frenching or worse. Tidzikamireimunonyadzisaalbertsikoti

Why kiss so passionately though 


Pokello really got tired of men and decided to go for womenheartofrachel

Eeeeh it’s ooky if it’s white pple kissing eachother kaaa ?rue_edwards

There’s nothing wrong in kissing your best friend,your mum,your sister,any lady you like,,,,that’s a baby kiss comeon yallDouglas JuruWTF, relationship? That’s some twisted shit! Zviriko here izvi, Baba Bona honai zvakuita vana venyuSaka……. Aaah…….!

Meanwhile, the two have had many swooning over their friendship. The two are frequently seen together, often serving major bestie goals.

Pokello kissing video
Pokello and Tanya serving bestie goals (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Seeing today is Tanya’s birthday, Pokello went all out to shower and celebrate her bestie’s birthday.

Posting on her Facebook page, Pokello wrote;“It’s my baby’s Birthday Today @tanya_the_therapistSuch beautiful soul you are, always a sister’s keeper, the most hands-on mother I know. #Thisis34 I wish for you all the things you pray for yourself. May God continue to bless you abundantly because no one is more deserving than you💜💜I Love You Mama 💜💜


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