Video: Mai Titi Stepping Into the New Year With a New Man As She Moves on From HIV+ Attacker Ex

Zimbabwean comedian, gospel artiste, entrepreneur and Director of Ceremonies, Felistas Murata Edwards, popularly known as Mai Titi is embarking on a new romance almost a year after she alleges that her ex-husband infected her with HIV and she was in an abusive marriage for eight years

If photos published by BustopTV are anything to go by , it seems she may be stepping into the New Year with a new man as a romance with an unidentified man looks to be heating up following a luxury holiday together.

Mai TITI finds love

Below are the pictures:

While most women sympathised with her, she also got negative feedback for revealing someone’s HIV status on social media. Many said it could have been a case of sour grapes since the ex-husband (whom she mentions by name in the clip) is said to have recently got married.