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Villagers called in an army to slay this MURDEROUS MONSTER

by reporter263

A SHOCKING photo shows a terrifyingly large murderous crocodile after he was murdered by villagers.The-village-slayed-this-terrifying-beast-651379

Villagers in Zimbabwe had been left terrified after members of their community and cows had turned up dead.

Convinced it was the work of a murderous crocodile, they recruited an army to slay the beast once and for all.

Posing with the shocking catch, the villagers are practically dwarfed by the crocodile.

Descriptions say it was seven metres long and weighed 1,200kg.

The image has gone viral since being posted online in 2012.

Shared on viral image site Imgur, one user wrote: “That looks like a dinosaur!”


Another joked: “man i really hope this thing don’t wake up”

Some users have questioned the validity of the image.

Many believe the huge size of the crocodile could be down to camera trickery.

The largest crocodile ever recorded was a 7.01 metre beast in India named Kalia.

The scary viral image follows terrifying footage of a crocodile leaping out of the water at a deer.

Do YOU think the image is real?

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