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VP Chiwenga’s new wife Minnie showcases her impeccable sytle

by reporter263
Chiwenga with wife Minnie

Serial divorcee VP Constantine Chiwenga’s new wife Minnie Baloyi showed off her impeccable sense of style as she attended Heroes Day Celebrations at National Sports Stadium on Tuesday.

The two tied the knot in June this year, before Chiwenga introduced Baloyi, an army colonel and Chinese language lecturer, to his family the following month.

Chiwenga was previously married to Jocelyn whom he divorced in 2010 and Marry, with whom they separated in 2019.

Court documents exposed Jocelyn’s bad temper which would see her beat up the former army general, before he decided to call it quits.

Marry on the other hand was divorced soon after Chiwenga’s long stay in hospital on allegations of attempting to kill him. In the matter still pending before the courts, Marry allegedly tampered with life support equipment to end Chiwenga’s life while he was admitted in a South African hospital.

Chiwenga with wife Minnie



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