VP Constantino Chiwenga Moves Into White House

VP Constantino Chiwenga Moves Into White House

“VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga whose previous two divorce cases revealed that he is loaded with money, property and businesses has completed building a new luxurious mansion in Harare’s upmarket Borrowdale suburb. He is expected to move into the jaw-dropping home soon, informed sources say,” reported News Hawk.

“The cost of the new house runs into millions of dollars. The source of Chiwenga’s wealth remains a mystery.

“The breathtaking property was constructed in recent months by Chinese nationals who fitted it with the latest technology to bolster the security-conscious vice-president’s safety.

“Dubbed “the White House”, the awe-inspiring double-storey mansion has a spectacular structure and the finest finishings; transcendental decorative texture and optics all built by the Chinese.”

Of course, we KNOW the source of not only VP Chiwenga, Robert Mugabe and all the other Zanu PF ruling elite’s fabulous wealth – corruption.

The Zimbabwe Defence Force (ZDF) is one of the select few local individuals/entities who were granted a very special and very lucrative diamond mining concessions in Chiadzwa and Marange. The holder of the concession is allowed to mining without having to keep any record of the quantity or quality of diamonds mined, to whom the diamonds are sold and for how much, who the beneficiaries are and how much they received, etc., etc.

The beneficiaries of these super special diamond mining concessions are under no legal obligation to declare any of their earnings for personal or company tax purposes.

The Zimbabwe’s GNU cabinet was certainly aware of these special diamond mining concessions because David Coltart, MDC Minister of Education in the GNU, related a story where Emmerson Mnangagwa suggested that the Ministry of Education would not be asking for increased budgetary allocation if it too had one of the mining concessions.

The late Edward Chindori-Chininga tabled a parliamentary committee report in 2012 revealing how all those mining the diamonds in Marange and Chiadzwa kept no records and paid no tax.

The special diamond mining concession were a “licence to loot!” Period!

So the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, cabinet and parliament, the highest powers and authorities in the land not only knew about the wholesale looting taking place in Marange, they are the ones who issued and approved these looting licences.

Looting in Zimbabwe is legal and institutionalised.

VP Chiwenga was the ZDF commander and no doubt he and his fellow top brass in the Army would have received their share of the Marange diamond mining spoils. He retired from the Army after the November 2017 military coup to become the VP. No doubt arrangements were made to ensure he either continued to receive his share from the ZDF activities or some other concession.

The diamond mining concessions have become so popular they have now been extended to gold, platinum and lithium mining and to other areas such as fuel procurement.

The ZDF together with their Chinese partner from the Chiadzwa and Marange diamond mining have spread their wings into some of these new areas!

The looting continues! All paid to the select few in brown paper envelops, in hard currency of choice and all tax free! Not even ZACC will be allowed to ask the obvious question: where did you get the money to afford all these mansions, cars, gold watches (VP Chiwenga has 45 gold watches), etc.?

Just to be absolutely certain ZACC will never ever overstep the mark and ask stupid questions of those granted the licence to loot; the chair person of ZACC is none other than the wife of the late Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sibusiso Moyo.

As the News Hawk correctly pointed out, the “White House” is VP Chiwenga’s second mansion in Harare. His first mansion C&J (Constantino and Jocelyn) was renamed C&M (Constantino and Marry) after he divorced Jocelyn and married Marry. He has since divorce Marry and had her thrown out of the mansion.

So why is VP Chiwenga a second mansion? One might ask!

The divorce paper to his first wife Jocelyn showed just how rich Chiwenga is. The couple had the C&J mansion, farms, fat bank accounts, a fleet of posh cars, lived in unparalleled luxury and, among the many luxuries, Chiwenga had 45 gold watches.

Chiwenga is building the “White House” mansion, he has a mansion already but is building it anywhere because he is loaded and cannot think of anything else better to spend his looted wealth on. He is not alone in this!

Robert Mugabe squandered US$ 2 billion building his Blue Roof mansion because he too was loaded. The mansion is empty because his wife and children are hardly ever there.

The maintenance bill for the mansion is US$100 000 plus per year and there is nothing going on there to generate even one dollar. The rot and decay has already started!

Mugabe poured billions of dollars into building a sprawling business empire which was thriving whilst he was alive, no doubt, from the many direct and indirect subsidies. His Gushungo Dairy Farm used to be a hive of activity is now totally deserted.

Chiwenga, Mugabe and the rest of the local ruling elite are squandering their share of the looted national wealth of luxuries they do not need and, without the looted wealth, cannot afford to keep.

At a national level, it is criminal to be spending billions of dollars on mansions, posh cars, etc. whilst hospitals and schools are starved of funding. The US$2 billion squandered on Blue Roof mansion alone would have paid for Batoka Gorge Hydro Power Project, a second Kariba Dam with all the economic benefits! Instead, we have just another white elephant.

Chiwenga and his ZDF buffoons are nothing but vicious hunting dogs to be fed the head, legs, the guts and all the cheap stuff whilst the hunter, the Chinese in this case, takes all the good stuff.

Worst of all the Chinese are not only keeping the lion’s share of the wholesale looting that is crippling Zimbabwe, they are doing everything in their power to stop any meaningful democratic change in Zimbabwe, just to keep Zanu PF in power so the looting can continue- Newshawks

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