VP Mnangagwa vows to ruthlessly deal with individuals implicated in corruption
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VP Mnangagwa vows to ruthlessly deal with individuals implicated in corruption

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday said Government will “ruthlessly” deal with individuals implicated in corrupt deals regardless of their status.

In an exclusive interview, VP Mnangagwa said media reports on corruption were disturbing and culprits should face justice.

“This country needs to fight corruption and this cancer should not be the responsibility of one institution. I think we need to psyche up the entire nation to fight corruption wherever it rears its head. From what we hear, what we gather and what is published in newspapers, it seems it has taken root and requires ruthlessness. It will be very hard but it’s necessary and good for the country,” he said.

The law, he said, was not selective and everyone implicated in corrupt deals would face the full wrath of the law.

However, VP Mnangagwa said there was need for thorough investigations to establish facts behind allegations.

He said all institutions that dealt with issues of corruption and the commission of crimes needed strengthening to enable them to execute their duties diligently.

“We don’t take allegations to court without evidence. It is necessary that where allegations are made the institutions that deal with investigations of this nature should be strengthened.”

The VP said he was still to witness the prosecution of people that have been investigated and identified by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

“I haven’t seen many cases that have come to court as a result of investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission. It was commissioned sometime this year. I think maybe it is too early to judge them but I believe they will do something about it. Something must be done. Citizens must be able to report any cases to the police and the police must do their duties diligently without fear or favour,” said VP Mnangagwa.

He said there was need for the commission to approach Government if they were facing any operational challenges.

“Wherever they think they have no power I am sure they must come to Government and in this area then its debated then we go to parliament.”

VP Mnangagwa said the investigation of criminal elements was the work of the Ministry of Home Affairs and not the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, that he oversees, or the Office of the President and Cabinet.

“The Ministry of Justice and the Office of the President do not investigate cases but that can be checked with the Ministry of Home Affairs especially on issues we read in newspapers.

“You can ask whether there is any truth in what is being said and what their view is about what is being said. Our view is that any cases of corruption must thoroughly be investigated. It doesn’t matter kuti ndiwe ani.”-Herald

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