VP Mphoko faces arrest, dismissal after he released arrested officials

President Robert Mugabe is expected to make drastic changes to his Cabinet that would see Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko being relieved of his post as he is proving to be more of a liability than an asset, it has been revealed.

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Sources at Munhumutapa Building revealed this week that President Mugabe has realised that Mphoko would cost him if is left in that position, as the former diplomat is arrogant and corrupt through and through. What makes Mphoko’s case untenable is that he has no political base of his own to compensate for his gross shortcomings. “Mugabe has been considering replacing Mphoko for some time now, and surely his latest case is the final nail to the coffin,” s source said.


This week Mphoko was accused of going to a police station where he ordered the release of two ZINARA officials who were arrested on corruption charges. The source said this was such a serious crime that Mphoko himself could be arrested for criminal abuse of office. “This is the same charges like those that (Prosecutor General, Johannes) Tomana is facing, so this now makes it very easy for President Mugabe to dismiss him,” the source added. Mphoko, a former ZIPRA commander who deserted the war to enjoy life in the Mozambican capital Maputo, has no political base of his own in the Matabeleland provinces where former ZAPU leaders command immense respect.



Together with his corrupt tendencies, this has resulted in him being seen as big liability to the ruling ZANU- PF party. To make matters worse, since his surprise appointment to the VP’s position in December 2014, Mphoko has been staying in the five-star Rainbow Hotel where he has refused to check put, rudely insisting that his expenses are nothing compared to those of President Mugabe. Simon Khaya-Moyo could replace Mphoko.