Zim Vice President ‘s Ex-Wife Tells Court She is So Poor and Now Eating Sadza and Dried Vegetables

The High Court has dismissed an application for post-divorce maintenance filed by Vice President Kembo Mohadi’s ex-wife Tambudzani Mohadi after she told the court she is so poor and surviving on dried vegetables when in fact she inherited 500 cattle.

Tambudzani and VP Mohadi finalised their divorce last year with the former getting motor vehicles, 50 percent shares in a company and more than US$25 000 in value of farm and household goods.

The two were married for 37-years.

After finalisation of the divorce, Tambudzani applied for spousal maintenance claiming assets she was given were limiting her means.

Tambudzani, a Beitbridge Senator, was also awarded three pieces of real estate land and more than 500 herd of cattle.

In dismissing the claim Justice Esther Muremba said Tambudzani misled the court when she claimed that she had resorted to eating sadza and dried vegetables.


The judge said Tambudzani was not a candidate for the maintenance given her status as a government official.

“In case all factors considered it is my view that the applicant is not entitled to be maintained by the respondent. 

“While she is fairly advanced in age and has greatly diminished prospects of remarriage, she was awarded capital assets upon divorcing with the Respondent (VP Mohadi).

“The applicant’s list of expenses shows that she wants the Respondent (VP Mohadi) to pay for each and every item of her expenditure.

“She got three pieces of real estate two of which are developed, more than 500 herd of cattle, motor vehicle, Discovery Land Rover, 50 percent shares in a company, more than US$25 000 in value of farm assets and household goods,” reads part of the judgment.

Justice Muremba also said that Tambudzani failed to account for her own earnings.

“The applicant (Tambudzani) was not being truthful with the court, If ever she was feeding on sadza and dried vegetables it was certainly by choice.

“With the assets awarded to her, the applicant cannot claim that she is now living a miserable life and that she cannot afford a decent meal.

“She can still live comfortably even if she does not dispose of any of the two houses awarded to her. 

“She is a legislator and she earns income from that every month,” said the judge.

VP Mohadi had contested the claim saying his ex-wife’s application had no basis.

The judge said Tambudzani should not burden the VP.

 “The Respondent (VP Mohadi) cannot be punished for having married the applicant at some stage during his life time to the extent that he should be burdened with maintaining her for the rest of her life whilst she refuses to use her money and assets to look after herself,” she said.

Tambudzani had also maintained that the Vice President and his new wife were enjoying fruits of her labour after taking part in building his political career from being a cabinet minister to his current post.

During finalisation of the divorce, the Vice President only benefited the Mohadi family home and a State farm as properties. – Zimbabwe Voice