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WATCH: Paul Mwazha Bizarre Sermon About Jesus and Queen Elizabeth

by reporter263

Prominent religious leader Paul Mwazha has stunned many people after a video emerged in which he is giving a bizarre sermon to his followers. In the undated video which is going viral on social media, the founder and leader of the African Apostolic Church claims to have spent days with Jesus Christ and the Queen of England at the monarch’s home in England.

Mwazha claims that he was given a book in which he records the names of all the people who will enter heaven. These people need to have converted to his church, the African Apostolic Church. The clergyman who turned 102-years-old last October bizarrely claims that he travelled with Jesus and went to stay with Queen Elizabeth in England.

He goes on to claim that when they left England, they travelled to Scotland. Along the way, the founder of the African Apostolic Church claims that Jesus appeared to have been afraid to cross a river. As a result, he (Mwazha) took the lead and led the two of them safely cross the river. After crossing the river, however, the two of them did not go into Scotland but flew back to Africa.

Unsurprisingly, Mwazha’s pronouncements have raised eyebrows and sparked animated discussions on social media. Some social media users expressed shock at the fact that congregants were applauding and cheering on Mutumwa Paul Mwazha during the seemingly bizarre sermon.

Others, however, highlighted that Mwazha may be suffering from cognitive impairment which may be related to his advanced age. Some were not as charitable, however, and accused the clergyman of misleading his congregants.


Below are some of the reactions from social media.


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