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WATCH: Social media users make fun of Mugabe’s UN summit speech

by reporter263

New York – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has once again blamed the Western countries for the ongoing economic difficulties facing his country.

Speaking at the United Nations 71st general summit, Mugabe said that his country was struggling due to what he termed “spiteful sanctions against Zimbabwe”.

Zimbabwe has been reeling under economic hardships since 2002 when the United States and other Western countries imposed sanctions on the southern African nation.

“My country is the victim of spiteful sanctions imposed by the US and other Western countries for some 16 years now. As a country, we are being collectively punished for exercising the one primordial principle enshrined in the UN Charter, that of sovereign independence,” said the 92 year old leader.

Watch the video below as Mugabe speaks. 

Mugabe also called upon the UN to speed up reforms of its Security Council in order to include the voice of developing nations.


The veteran leader said that the UN should push for the full realisation of rights for people living under colonial and foreign occupation.

However, social media did not respond positively to Mugabe’s speech, as most Twitter users made fun of it. Some openly stated that they hoped this was the last speech that Mugabe gave at the UN.

Social media reaction 



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