Watch: Soul Jah Love’s last words before he died: “Vazondipedzera, vazondibata manje”

Dj Mana Man, Soul Jah Love’s longtime friend explains how Soul Jah Love died and his last words in a video.

Soul Jah Love passed on as he was on his way to Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Waterfalls Harare.

Ricardo and Webber accompanied the 31-year-old when the unfortunate happened.

Answering the question on what Soul Jah Love said before he died, Mana Mana said;

“Yesterday he just started saying, haa vandipedzera, vazondibata manje”, which meant he had a premonition about his impending death.

Mana Man also revealed that Soul Jah Love failed to speak for three days and all of a sudden he emerged asking for yoghurts but unfortunately collapsed and died on his way to hospital.


Soul Jah Love was described by Mana Mana as a warm person who cared for his comrades.

“When he bought clothes he bought for me too, we went together everywhere, to South Africa and anywhere he was performing”, he adds.

Watch video below;Video Player00:0002:59