WATCH: Van Choga Turns Down Calls for Psychiatric Examination

Van Choga

The new rising Zimdancehall artist Van Choga is taking the genre by storm. He is signed to Seh Calaz’s record label Yallanation and it seems he is attracting the attention of many in the country at the moment.

His energy levels are the ones behind his success although people say its psychiatric.

However, Van Choga dismissed the opinion and said all started with short clips of him doing his crazy antics and performances until he got a chance to record at Yallanation studio.

His short clips have gone viral and he has produced more of them and now he wishes to work with Jah Prayzer.

Van Choga said, if not for this COVID-19 pandemic, he would be rocking in the streets and causing a lot of noise.


He promised people more videos to come as he said he realise that they love his crazy energetic